CHS Ice Hockey Tryouts

Each year we look to take 30 skaters for our team. We practice as a 30 player team. 23 players dress for each varsity game. Our younger players will play JV games. We have about 6-8 JV games scheduled throughout the season. All players are considered varsity players and our expectation is that all players will dress for a varsity game throughout the year. We skate 6 days per week during the season. Most weeks will have 2 games (mid week and Saturday) with practice the other 4 days with Sundays off (for the most part).


Tryouts are Monday Nov 27 at 3:35pm and Tuesday Nov 28 at 2:45pm.


Our home arena is Louis Astorino Rink in Hamden

Bag Storage

If hockey bags/sticks need to be left at the school during the day, they are to be left under the stairs near the East Gym by the side exit door. 

Bus Pickup / Drop Off

Pick up will be on the side of the high school near the painted red rock.


Hamden Rink - Monday 11/27 - 335p-435p - Bus pick up will be 2:30pm. Estimated arrival time back to high school 5:30pm. All players are required to ride bus to and from rink.

Hamden Rink - Tuesday 11/28 - 245p-345p - Bus pick up will be ASAP after school ends. Estimated arrival time back to high school 4:30pm.  All players are required to ride bus to and from rink.

At the completion of tryouts on Tuesday, we will be speaking to the players who have been selected to the team. Please have an idea if you will be accepting a spot (if you make the team) on Tuesday as we start practice the following day. 


This free registration is for anyone who will be attending tryouts for the 2023-2024 season.

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